Nebraska football handling of Amarion Jackson is another Rezac situation

Nebraska football risks missing out on 2026 WR prospect Amarion Jackson, who has offers from rival programs. Will the Huskers act in time?
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Since Matt Rhule arrived in Lincoln, he’s made it clear that he understands one of the chief jobs he has as the leader of the Nebraska football team is locking down the state. He also knows that he hasn’t always done that

Is Rhule about to have another Teddy Rezac situation on his hands? It’s looking like there’s a strong possibility.

Amarion Jackson, a rising star in the 2026 class, has not only earned high praise from local analysts but has also captured the attention of several external programs. Surprisingly, the Nebraska football team has yet to make an offer, sparking speculation among fans about the potential they might be overlooking.

Nebraska football has an Amarion Jackson problem

The wide receiver from Millard South has already received offers from Illinois, Kansas State, Iowa, Iowa State, and Minnesota. In other words, five current or former Husker rivals are vying to recruit the 6-foot-1, 190-pound prospect from right under Nebraska's nose.

Yet, the Huskers are not among the offers yet. What exactly is the holdup? Is it simply a matter of not being impressed with how he tests in camp and in front of the coaches? He's more than impressive on the field during the game.

In his sophomore season, Amarion Jackson hauled down 57 passes for 1,086 yards (a 19.1 yards per catch average) and 12 touchdowns. Considering the speed burners NU has gone after under Rhule, Jackson embodies what they want. 

There is of course, an argument that can be made that Nebraska has more than enough time. The Millard South prospect can’t sign his LOI for another year and a half. But there’s something to be said for getting the foot in the door soon. 

If Nebraska football does pull another Rezac and not offer Amarion Jackson until well into the recruiting cycle, they might be too far behind to make up ground.