Nebraska football, Alabama fans team up after Dylan Raiola news

Nebraska football fans joined with Alabama Crimson Tide faithful to make fun of Georgia fans who couldn't cope after Raiola's announcement.
Dylan Raiola off-season prep
Dylan Raiola off-season prep / Aubrey Lao/GettyImages

On Monday afternoon, Dylan Raiola made a seismic change to the college football landscape when he committed to the Nebraska football team. After the annnouncement, it came as no surprise that Husker Nation went wild. It's safe to say if social media didn't exist there may have been actual celebrations in the streets.

The 5-star flip is the biggest get of the Nebraska Cornhuskers since the latest ratings systems were introduced. It allows Matt Rhule and his staff to tout what they're doing in Lincoln despite the fact that they're coming off yet another losing season. It gave fans hope for 2024 that might have been fading a bit after the season-ending heartbreaker against Iowa.

On the other side, are the Georgia Bulldogs fans who are having a very rough time of it the last couple of days. They are used to getting basically whoever and whatever they want. They thought they had Dylan Raiola locked up after a pitched battle with the Huskers last winter and spring.

In the fallout of the announcement on Monday, Nebraska football fans didn't only have something to celebrate, they also realized that they had a new set of allies. It turns out that it's possible the only people happier about Raiola coming to Nebraska than the people who support Nebraska, are Alabama Crimson Tide fans.

One account in particular, Barstool Bama pointed out that quite a few Georgia fans seemed to be singing a different tune about the 5-star quarterback than when he committed to them. Suddenly he's not all that good.

Soon, other Cornhusker fans found the post and lent support and agreement to the sentiment. "We call this 'cope' where I’m from," wrote one Husker fan.

In general, there isn't a whole lot of love lost between Albama and Nebraska football fanbases. But one thing they can both agree on, is that it's funny to laugh at Georgia whenever they can.