Nebraska Football: Dylan Raiola comments don’t breed optimism

Ask the average Nebraska football fan on the street where think Dylan Raiola is going to college, and more and more are going to answer they believe he’s coming to Lincoln.

That makes quite a bit of sense. After all, Raiola is a legacy prospect for the Huskers and after being committed to Ohio State for what seemed like an eternity, he announced he had reopened his recruiting. Since he’s become a free agent, the Nebraska football team and its coaches have absolutely made it clear they want the 5-star prospect to be a Husker.

This week, Raiola finally opened up a bit about where he stands. He also talked about where his Top 4 schools stand. And it’s true that Nebraska football is definitely in the mix. It just doesn’t feel like they’re in the mix for any other reason than he’s a legacy prospect and it’s important to his father and uncle to give the Cornhuskers a shot.

When talking about Nebraska, there were two comments that Dylan Raiola made that stood out. The first was that Big Red is special “to his family.” He added his father went there so Nebraska football family is his family.

He may be saying that he feels a deep connection to the Huskers, but it feels more like he saying there’s a deep connection to his family. In other words, he’s considering the Cornhuskers out of a sense of obligation. That’s never a place you want someone you’re recruiting to feel like they’re in.

Another comment that stood out was interesting because of the efforts that Nebraska football head coach Matt Rhule has made recently. Dylan Raiola said that he’s all about relationships and doesn’t feel like he knows Rhule very well.

On the flip side, Raiola also said that he wants to get to know Rhule. And that he’d like to visit. That’s certainly not a bad thing. It just feels like, at the moment, Nebraska football is running behind the likes of Georgia and USC. Of course, the Huskers have time to offer exactly what the quarterback is looking for in a college.