Several Nebraska Cornhuskers stars partner with Amazon for NIL campaign

The Nebraska Cornhuskers have some marketable names.

Nebraska volleyball players have the biggest presence of any squad in the campaign.

Nebraska Cornhuskers setter Kennedi Orr (9) and libero Lexi Rodriguez
Nebraska Cornhuskers setter Kennedi Orr (9) and libero Lexi Rodriguez / Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

While most of the focus among Nebraska Cornhuskers fans this March Madness was on the basketball team as they tried to break their o-fer in the tournament, quite a few Huskers have been participating in a new Amazon NIL campaign.

The subscription and streaming service has launched a campaign with more than 30 college athletes. Many of those are Nebraska Cornhuskers, but the biggest representation at the school is from the volleyball team. 

The athletes post different ways to use the platform to watch the NCAA Tournament live across social media. One of the biggest is that fans can add on Paramount+ content, which includes men’s March Madness 2024, to their Amazon Prime account.

The new campaign is headlined Kansas quarterback Jalon Daniels and Nebraska volleyball’s Lexi Rodriguez. Nebraska track and field star Ashley McElmurry, who has one of the biggest follower bases in her sport with 250,000 social media followers, is also participating in this March Madness campaign.

Three other Nebraska Cornhuskers volleyball stars are participating in some way. Maisie Boesiger, Laney Choboy, and Bergen Reilly join Lexi in this particular endeavor. 

Nebraska Cornhuskers stars involved in big Amazon March Madness campaign

Interestingly enough, Chief Borders is the only Nebraska football player who is involved. Those who have been following Borders since he came to Lincoln understand why. The linebacker has forged a pretty solid social media following.

It’s not a stretch to say that he’s got the best following of any Husker football players. Now he just needs to really separate himself on the football field.

It’s interesting to see Nebraska Cornhuskers stars so prominent in a campaign like this. It’s one of those little reminders that even if Nebraska isn’t always dominating on the field or the court, they are getting attention and getting talked about. 

That kind of attention can help them get back to dominating everywhere.