Nebraska Cornhuskers News: Rienk Mast surgery fallout, more

Rienk Mast is out for the year, while the Nebraska Cornhuskers volleyball team added some new talent and Husker coaches are out on the trail.
Nebraska Cornhuskers forward Rienk Mast
Nebraska Cornhuskers forward Rienk Mast / Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

Just when things were looking pretty positive for the Nebraska Cornhuskers basketball team, things took a hard turn. On Thursday afternoon, Huskers' big man Rienk Mast announced he had undergone knee surgery.

The surgery was serious enough that he's already been ruled out for the 2024-25 season and is taking a medical redshirt. The good news here is that the surgery was in consultation with Nebraska Cornhuskers staff. That could mean that he plans to come back to Nebraska when he's all healed up for one more season in 2025-26. Or it could just mean that he's going to get to to to UNL under scholarship while he heals up, and bolt when he's better.

The fallout on Thursday was swift and varied. There were some around the Nebraska Cornhuskers who started talking about how this offseason wasn't great, if it doesn't include Rienk Mast returning.

Others believe that it just means that the signing of Andrew Morgan is even bigger. He had been slated for a backup role to Mast, or at the very least, more of a teammup. Now he just might need to be "the man."

More Nebraska Cornhuskers news

The Nebraska Cornhuskers volleyball team added some talent to an already-loaded roster. John Cook's squad secured a commitment from Manaia Ogbechie, a middle blocker from California, who had 679 kills in three seasons on the varsity team and 235 blocks in the last two seasons.

While the Rienk Mast news is a bummer for the Nebraska Cornhuskers basketball team, there was a bit of fun news. This upcoming season, the Huskers travel to the 2024 Diamond Head Classic. They're joined by Loyola Chicago, Oregon State, Charleston, Charlotte, and Hawaii.

The Diamond Head Classic takes place on Honulu Hawaii over Christmas.

Speaking of taking things on the road, the end of spring practice means that Nebraska football coaches are ramping recruiting into overdrive. That includes guys like Terrance Knighton heading to Florida. While he didn't say who he was visiting, one has to think Cortez Mills is on the agenda, at the very least.