Nebraska Cornhuskers reverse course, will offer alcohol at Haymarket

Earlier this month, the Nebraska Cornhuskers announced they would not sell alcohol at baseball or softball games because of a conflict with the Lincoln Saltdogs
Memorial Stadium - University of Nebraska
Memorial Stadium - University of Nebraska / David Madison/GettyImages

It sure seems like the new Nebraska Cornhuskers regime is getting things done quickly. The latest step in "getting things done" appears to be finally offering alcohol at Nebraska Baseball and Nebraska Softball games.

The 11th hour move seemed rather improbable even just a couple of days ago. However, the agenda for the April 19th meeting of the Nebraska Cornhuskers Board of Regents shows that the university appears to have worked out issues it had with the Lincoln Saltdogs.

Whatever the agreement with the Independent League team is, it appears the Huskers are going to be selling alcohol and it appears as though the new policy will go into place rather quickly. Should the proposal pass - and there's no reason to think it wouldn't - Haymarket Park will be the latest place where Cornhuskers athletics take place that sells beer and hard liquor.

Nebraska first sold alcohol at the Big Ten Wrestling Championships in 2022, and sales at Pinnacle Bank Arena for Nebraska basketball and volleyball games followed a short time later. 

Nebraska Cornhuskers work out deal to sell alcohol at Haymarket Park

The regents had tried to adopt selling alcohol at Haymarket Park earlier this month, but ran into a roadblock when the Saltdogs were clear that they wanted to enforce a part of the original contract that said they would get 90 percent of the profits.

The new deal, lead by interim president Chris Kabourek and new athletic director Troy Dannen will see all of the money being put back into Haymarket.

While Haymarket is one of the jewels of the Big Ten baseball world, the park is over 20 years old and there are repairs and improvements that are needed to the stadium. It's possible this could allow the Nebraska Cornhuskers to have an even better home park to play in for future seasons.