Nebraska Cornhuskers News: Mike Riley and the playoffs, more

Nebraska Cornhuskers head coach Mike Riley watches the clock tick
Nebraska Cornhuskers head coach Mike Riley watches the clock tick / Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

I'ts a safe bet that Nebraska Cornhuskers thought they'd heard the last of Mike Riley. The former Huskers head coach is not exactly the most popular man in Lincoln after three seasons of mostly epic failure (and two bowl games).

However, suddenly, Nebraska fans might have a reason to become friends with Riley, just in case the Matt Rhule turnaround makes them eligible for the NCAA Playoffs. Mike Riley has officially been put on the NCAA CFB committee.

That means what you think it means. Riley is one of the men that will determine what teams make the playoffs. And that's likely why there were plenty of Huskers fans that all of the sudden had some very nice things to say about him.

It's unlikely that Riley's three years with the Nebraska Cornhuskers will affect his decision making one way or another if the Huskers are ever close to making the playoffs. But it's certainly interesting to think about a former Nebraska coach being in that particular situation.

More Nebraska Cornhuskers news

The Nebraska Cornhuskers managed to hold off the Minnesota Golden Gophers baseball team on Friday despite a rather rough outing from Brett Sears. The Huskers' ace allowed the Gophers to rally from a 6-3 deficit to tie it at 6-6. Fortunately, the Nebraska offense was up to the task, winning 10-7 and moving within a half-game of first place in the Big Ten.

The Nebraska football team is excited to see what comes of this fall at a number of different positions. That is especially true of the wide receivers, who showed quite a bit flash in the 2024 spring game. That's especially true of Jacory Barney. Brian Christopherson wrote about the hype that is surrounding this crew for the 2024 season. Especially with Dylan Raiola throwing to them.