Nebraska Cornhuskers News: Ignoring Trev, sweeping Nicholls more

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  • Baseball is still on one heck of a roll.
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Big Ten Women's Basketball Tournament - Championship
Big Ten Women's Basketball Tournament - Championship / Adam Bettcher/GettyImages

For the first time in quite a while, the Nebraska Cornhuskers have both basketball teams in the NCAA Tournament. For the first time, they are both playing in the same school, and that school happens to have an Athletic Director who was helming Nebraska just a week prior.

The NCAA tournament selection committee wanted that to be the week's news story in Lincoln and College Station. However, neither Fred Hoiberg nor Amy Williams will allow that to happen.

“It doesn’t matter to me,” Hoiberg said when asked for his reaction to taking on his old boss’s new school. “Honestly, I thought they were going to put us in a bracket with Iowa State. That was the storyline that I thought they were going to do. But, listen, for our guys, it’s all about preparation.”

“We couldn’t care less about any storyline, whatever it is. We’ve just got to get to work knowing we are facing an incredibly tough basketball team that’s really, really talented.”

Williams had similar thoughts moments after her team also matched up with Texas A&M.

"We've got a job to do.” the Nebraska Cornhuskers women’s basketball team head coach said. “We're on a mission. We know what it takes to put ourselves in the best position to prepare and we don't play against the athletic director. I mean, that's just the facts. We're not looking at this like a distraction in any way, shape or form."

More Nebraska Cornhuskers news

After splitting a mid-week series against Wichita State, the Nebraska baseball team is red hot again thanks to a 3-game sweep of Nicholls State. The Huskers had a close one on Friday night with a 7-6 victory, then blew out the Colonels 16-0 and 11-4 on Saturday and Sunday.

In the process, Brett Sears continued his fantastic start to the year. He’s now 3-0 with a 1.44 earned run average after posting 6 innings of shutout ball on Saturday.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers basketball teams have a wait before they get to play in the NCAA Tournament. The men’s team tips off at 5:50 pm on Friday. The women’s team doesn’t tip off until 9:30 pm on the same night.

We’ll get to watch Thursday’s games drama-free. But also have to wait through almost two full days of games before we get to root on our own teams.

Doc Sadler couldn’t ever get the Nebraska Cornhuskers to the Big Dance. Not as a head coach and not while he was an assistant under Fred Hoiberg. But it appears he was plenty happy to offer his old friend and his old school congratulations after they got in on Sunday.