Nebraska Cornhuskers fans stunned over Selection Sunday twists of fate

Fans are excited for the Nebraska Cornhuskers first NCAA Tournament appearnace in a decade, but some aren't thrilled by the gamesmanship.
Oklahoma v Nebraska
Oklahoma v Nebraska / Steven Branscombe/GettyImages

The Nebraska Cornhuskers are going dancing. Both the men's and women's Nebraska basketball teams are in the Big Dance. They are both the higher seed in their matchups. And they are both going to be playing in the Trev Alberts Bowl.

The men are headed to the tourney for the first time since 2013. They're the 8-seed taking on 9-seed Texas A&M. That already had people a bit shook. It seemed like it was rather obvious that the selection committee was toying with both Texas A&M and Nebraska.

Then they did it again. A few hours after the men's Selection Sunday show ended, the Women's NCAA Tournament show debuted and it took almost no time at all until the double whammy was unveiled.

On the women's side, the Huskers were given the 6-seed. And then, the 11-seed they'll take on was announced. Once again, it was the Texas A&M Aggies. Perhaps the weirdest part of that was a tweet that Trev Alberts sent out, that made it look like he had an inside tip on the whole thing.

Nebraska Cornhuskers fans have mixed emotions after NCAA Tournament Selection Sunday

One of the absolute best reactions to the Huskers facing off against A&M is by the entire Nebraska Cornhuskers women's team. Come for their celebration of the 6 seed. Stay for their reaction to the opponent.

Fans had takes too. Some just found it was funny. Some were more than a little upset that the story is going to be focusing on the wrong aspects.

There are plenty who think this is all some sort of joke. One that both the Nebraska Cornhuskers and Texas A&M Aggies are the butt of today.

It's clear to everyone who is a Nebraska Cornhuskers fan that next week can either be a great one, or a truly sad one. A chance for the Huskers to beat down Trev Alberts twice, or possibly lose to his new school twice.

Joy or anguish. Welcome to March.