Texas A&M and Nebraska Cornhuskers fans share a common enemy

Texas A&M and Nebraska Cornhuskers fans are currently a bit unhappy with the same mane after the events of the past week.
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

When Trev Alberts left the Nebraska Cornhuskers in the lurch, fans of the program went through a range of emotions. Right at the top of the list was some real confusion and wondering why he left in the first place.

However, as is often the case with the stages of grief, the confusion turned to anger quickly. And that anger has stuck around and festered as analysts said and truly believed that the Nebraska Cornhuskers may be better off without Alberts.

At the time of his departure, it seems that most people, certainly not all, but most people were happy to see him land at Texas A&M. Trev is someone who Texas A&M supporters saw as a calming voice. Someone who knows how to turn around an athletic department and someone who can and will make the tough decisions.

Nebraska Cornhuskers and Texas A&M have a mutual enemy in Trev Alberts

There are also plenty of people who didn’t like the way that Alberts carried himself. There were layoffs in the department when he got to College Station and some of those people were popular among the school and the community.

And then of course, there’s the fact that Texas A&M just lost the head coach who led them to the National Title series in the most recent College World Series. While new Texas Longhorns coach Jim Schlossnagle is the real enemy of the Aggies, Alberts has plenty of haters.

One poster in particular has made it clear he holds Alberts responsible for what’s gone wrong in College Station.

“Trev Alberts comes in as AD and cleans house of good hardworking people (many of which where former students), loses Schloss to Texas, then he lets the snake put out an official statement through the athletic department,” the poster wrote. “Go back to Nebraska.”

The poster is someone who has been parroted by plenty of other Texas A&M fans. There’s an anger aimed at the former Nebraska Cornhuskers AD that he never got from Husker loyalists. It’s possible Alberts might start regretting leaving Lincoln. But he’s not welcome back.