Nebraska Cornhuskers Christmas wish list for 2024

From a football bowl game to a volleyball national title, here's my wish list to Santa on behalf of the Nebraska Cornhuskers
Nebraska Spring Football Game
Nebraska Spring Football Game / Steven Branscombe/GettyImages

Dear Santa, I'm sure you've had a busy year. You might have been too busy to pay attention to the Nebraska Cornhuskers this year, even though you're the OG Big Red.

In the words of Bo Pelini, we did some good things in both women's and men's sports.

Okay but let's be honest. It was utter agony far too often--at least on the men's side. A lot of days felt like this:

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Not sure if you remember me from last year, Santa, but I asked for some pretty big things. You came close on a few. But I gotta be honest: I was generally disappointed.

Don't hold it against me.

No March Madness win for Nebraska Cornhuskers men's basketball. Football didn't beat Colorado or go to a bowl game. Yes, volleyball finally beat Wisconsin. That was amazing. But they didn't win a national title.

They lost to Texas.

Really, Santa? That's low.

So let's try this again. Here's my Nebraska Cornhuskers wish list for 2024.

Dylan Raiola: Two easy victories to ease into his college football career and an injury-free season. Stocking stuffer: fewer than 16 interceptions, please.

Jordy Bahl: A trip to the Women's CWS and a shot at a national title. Stocking stuffer: a perfect game.

Herbie Husker: Another makeover. I mean, look at that picture, Santa. Those eyes. 👀 Creepy.

Juwan Gary: To go on an absolute tear during conference season. Stocking stuffer: all-conference honors.

John Cook: Fewer service errors.

Lexi Rodriguez: A volleyball national championship to end her Nebraska career.

Bergen Reilly, Harper Murray, Laney Choboy, and Andi Jackson: The first of three straight volleyball national titles.

Memorial Stadium: An undefeated home season before construction forever changes the Old Gray Lady as we know it.

Jaz Shelly: Outduel Caitlin Clark at PBA in February and a deep tourney run in March.

Will Bolt: Quality starts and a stingy bullpen that leads to a Big Ten regular season championship. Stocking stuffer: hosting a regional at Haymarket Park.

Tristan Alvano: A walk-off field goal against Iowa in Iowa City on Black Friday.

Fred Hoiberg: An NCAA tournament win. Stocking stuffer: more of this at Big Ten road games:

Matt Rhule (really, for all of us): A bowl game. Any bowl game. I don't care if we play in the Pop-Tarts Bowl. Just please don't let Nebraska football stay home for the holidays for a 7th straight year.

I've been an awful good fan this year, Santa. Next year, I'll be just as good if you check off my Nebraska Cornhuskers Christmas list.

To everyone, thanks for reading, and have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you and yours!

GBR, always.