Nebraska Football fan wish list: What I Really Want for Christmas

Nebraska Cornhuskers await the arrival of the team (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)
Nebraska Cornhuskers await the arrival of the team (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images) /

With Christmas just days away, it’s time to finally send my Nebraska football fan wish list to Santa for the next year. I’m banking on him coming through. He wears Scarlet and Cream after all.

Nicklin Hames. A standing invite to come back to Nebraska someday as an assistant coach.

Fred Hoiberg. A .500 conference record and a win in the Big Ten tournament to get him on the bubble. Stocking stuffer: a no-sit Tuesday victory over Tom Izzo to end the year at PBA.

Jaz Shelley. First-team all-Big Ten honors. Stocking stuffer: outscore Caitlin Clark on January 28.

Derrick Walker. A shot at the next level–somewhere, anywhere.

Amy Williams. Respect from the pollsters. Stocking stuffer: A March Madness run to the Sweet 16.

Sam Greisel: The confidence to put his team on his back and carry them to victories no one expected.

Will Bolt. A Friday night ace whose shoulder Nebraska can ride to a regular season Big Ten title. Stocking stuffer: a Lincoln regional complete with a ticket to the Supers.

Max Anderson. A walk-off homerun against Ole Miss on March 5 in Minneapolis.

John Cook. An All-American caliber setter, an emotional leader to replace Maddie Kubik, and a victory over Wisconsin…in the National Title match.

Garrett Nelson. 15 sacks to tie Trev Alberts for the Nebraska football single-season school record. Stocking stuffer: A Nebraska football bowl game victory.

Anthony Grant. Giant holes to run through…all the way to 1,000 yards.

Brian Buschini: Less playing time.

Casey Thompson. A fully healthy season for once. Stocking stuffer: an offer from Nebraska to come back for one more year…as a grad assistant.

Mark Manning. A return to the NCAAs and a chance to win it all.

Matt Rhule. A victory over Deion in Boulder, nasty big men in the trenches, and a united fan base in his corner. Stocking stuffer: A Dylan Raiola letter of intent.

Trev Alberts. No more head coaching searches, a completed athletic training facility, and beach vacation.

Ronnie and Jane Green. A 6-month victory lap, a cold drink, and lazy weekends with family and friends (at Husker games, of course). Congrats on your retirement, Chancellor Green. You’ve earned it.

Nebraska Football And Husker Fans. A men’s basketball tournament win; a volleyball national title; and an end to that awful bowl game drought. (Christmas miracles happen, right?). Stocking stuffer: Iowa signs OC Brian Ferentz to an extension.

There you have it. My fan wish list. It’s been a wild 2022, hasn’t it Husker Nation? Here’s to a great next year.

Thanks for reading. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

And, as always, Go Big Red!