Nebraska Cornhuskers basketball walking into perfect trap game

The Nebraska Cornhuskers basketball team comes off a long break against a losing opponent. That's the perfect recipe for a flat outing.
Michigan v Nebraska
Michigan v Nebraska / Steven Branscombe/GettyImages

The Nebraska Cornhuskers basketball team has had a nice long break. They likely needed it after a stretch where even head coach Fred Hoiberg admitted his team was tired. They haven't played a game after their win last Saturday over the Michigan Wolverines.

This coming Saturday, the Huskers finally return to action against a Penn State team that is currently boasting a losing record. The Nittany Lions are another one of the teams that the Huskers need to beat. They’re a team they should beat. 

A home game against a weak opponent. It’s what Nebraska basketball needs to keep its run towards March Madness going. It’s why the Saturday morning game against Penn State could be shaping up into one heck of a trap game. 

A win over the Nittany Lions pushes the Huskers to 18-8 on the season. They’ll go over .500 in the Big Ten. They’ll even take a step towards getting a double-bye in the Big Ten tournament. But they’re rusty, they might be a little too rested. And they’re goaing up against a Penn State team that is playing pretty damn well lately.

Yes, they’ve lost two straight to fall under .500 on the season, but PSU didn’t get blown out in either of those losses. Before a 5-point loss to Northwestern and an 8-point loss to Michigan State, they’d won three straight.

This isn’t a Michigan team that’s in a nose dive. 

Nebraska Cornhuskers basketball will need to be ready against Penn State

The Nebraska basketball team is well rested and ready to go. But they’re still going to have to keep their eyes open for two Nittany Lions players who are averaging over 14 points per game.

Should Kanye Clary or Ace Baldwin Jr. catch fire on Saturday, the Huskers could be in a lot of trouble. Here’s hoping Fred Hoiberg has his guys ready to go. Every game the rest of the way is huge. That makes Nebraska basketball’s next game, the biggest of the season.