Nebraska basketball squeaks into NCAA Tournament in latest Bracketology

The Nebraska basketball team is hanging onto an NCAA Tournament berth by its fingernails, despite a blowout win in its latest game.
Nebraska Cornhuskers forward Josiah Allick (53) blocks a shot
Nebraska Cornhuskers forward Josiah Allick (53) blocks a shot / Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

The Nebraska basketball team is still considered an NCAA Tournament team by most of the people who pick the brackets for a living still consider the Nebraska basketball team an NCAA Tournament teamMost. That's the good news. The bad news is that the way things have shaken out in the last few weeks has the Huskers hanging on by their collective fingernails.

Over the last few weeks, the Cornhuskers have been all over the map, depending on the Bracketologist. There have been times when Fred Hoiberg's squad were as high as a 7 or 8-seed. More recently, they've been considered a 9 or 10-seed.

On Monday, the CBS Sports Bracketology offered some predictions that should make Nebraska basketball fans nervous. While NU is still in the tournament, they're listed as an 11 seed.

Worse news than that is that they are the 11 seed that will be playing in the "first round" games before the rest of the tournament tips off. Interestingly enough, should the prediction prove accurate, they'll be going against an old Big 8 rival.

. 17-8. 514. . . . 16-8. Nebraska vs Colorado. 488

The CBS Bracketologist, Jerry Palm, officially lists the Nebraska basketball team among the "last four in." Considering they have the lowest NET ranking of the four - Colorado, Texas, and Utah - he believes they are indeed just sneaking in.

Nebraska basketball squeaks into NCAA Tournament in latest Bracketology

Palm's projections are brand new and updated on Monday, meaning the Cornhuskers making the Dance by a hair's breadth are while taking the win over Michigan into account. That's important to remember simply because it shows that the Huskers beating teams they're supposed to beat aren't going to bolster their standing.

If there is a piece of good news regarding Nebraska's tourney hopes, it's that not everyone believes things are that dire. ESPN's bracketology, released on February 9, has the Huskers getting one of the "last four byes."

Oddly enough, that site has Nebraska basketball as an 11-seed as well. Joe Lunardi also has them playing a team from the Rocky Mountains, though he believes they'll be going up against 6-seeded Colorado State.