Nebraska Cornhuskers baseball prepares for revenge game and Big Ten tournament run

The Nebraska Cornhuskers baseball team aims for a strong Big Ten tournament run, starting with a revenge game against Ohio State after their win over Purdue.
Evert Nelson/The Capital-Journal / USA

The Nebraksa Cornhuskers baseball team's season is still alive. It's alive and well in fact. In order to keep it going past Friday, the Huskers will even get to exact a measure of revenge. All of this is because Nebraska managed to show that when Brett Sears is on the mound, they're still a force to be reckoned with.

On Wednesday, the Huskers knocked off Purdue 6-2, ending the Boilermakers' season as they went 0-for-2 in the Big Ten Tournament. The win means that the Huskers are going to need to progress through the loser's bracket of the tournament, though they have good company as Illinois lost its first game as well and needed extra innings and a horrendous call by the umpires to beat Iowa on Thursday.

Also on Thursday afternoon, the Indiana Hoosiers whalloped the same Ohio State squad that was fresh off 15-3 victory over Nebraska, 14-7. IU's win means the Huskers and Buckeyes will meet again on Friday afternoon. 

Nebraska Cornhuskers baseball gears up for revenge game and Big Ten tournament run

By all accounts, the Huskers should be able to take out Ohio State and set up a meeting against Indiana. The Buckeyes might have "shot their wad" when they knocked off the Cornhuskers in that opening round game.

Things went poorly quickly and the Huskers simply couldn't recover. They may have hit the reset button with the win over Purdue. One has to hope that there is a reset button to hit. 

Of course, there are good signs all over the place for Nebraska to lean on. For one, no more midweek games for the rest of the tournament. The Huskers have also been quite good on Fridays and Saturdays over the course of the season.

The first step will be taking care of business on Friday at 2pm against Ohio State. Should the Nebraska Cornhuskers win that game, things get interesting quickly.