Nebraska Cornhuskers baseball: No-hitter boosts NU to regional host projection

While the Nebraska Cornhuskers' no-hitter is certainly not the only reason they're now projected to host a regional, it has to have played a part.
Nebraska Cornhuskers pitcher Jackson Brockett conferences with teammates
Nebraska Cornhuskers pitcher Jackson Brockett conferences with teammates / Joseph Cress/Iowa City Press-Citizen /

After what had been a rather rough stretch for the Nebraska Cornhuskers baseball team over the last month, it appears their no-hitter win over Kansas State on Wednesday night went a long way to convince national analysts the Huskers have the strength to be scary in the NCAA Tournament.

In fact, for at least one set of prognosticators, the win over Kansas State, teamed with taking 2-of-3 from Iowa last weekend convinced them that the Nebraska baseball team was not only a shoo-in for the tournament but should also host a regional.

11point7 College Baseball posted its second round of Field of 64 projections on social media Thursday,  and Nebraska Cornhuskers fans should be quite happy with where their team is slotted. 

The Huskers are projected to officially be the 16 seed in the tourney. That technically makes them the worst regional host, but they're still a regional host all the same. So in this projection, who is coming to Lincoln?

Nebraska Cornhuskers set to host regional, face off against In-state rival in latest projections

The fourth seed is perhaps the most interesting in the Lincoln pod. It's none other than Omaha. If that confuses you, considering that the Mavericks have a losing overall record this season, it's important to keep in mind they play in the Summit League.

That particular league is bad. Very bad. And 11Point7 isn't the only college baseball analysts who believe the Mavs will get the conference's autobid.

The rest of the bracket is filled out by second-seed Georgia and third-seeded Southern Miss. That would certainly be an interesting collection of teams. It would be might fun if Nebraska Cornhuskers fan could be treated to that show.

There is one other rather … I'm not sure I'd call it funny … twist in this projection. With Nebraska being the 16 seed, should they advance to the super regionals and there isn't an upset on the other side of that bracket, they would take on none other than top overall seed, Texas A&M. 

It appears there are some people in college sports who just desperately want the Nebraska Cornhuskers to constantly match up against the school their former athletic director now works.