Nebraska Cornhuskers News: Brian Buschini working on things, more

Nebraska Cornhuskers football punter Brian Buschini is well aware that consistency wasn't his strong suit last year, and he wants to change that.
Nebraska Cornhuskers News: Brian Buschini working on things, more
Nebraska Cornhuskers News: Brian Buschini working on things, more / Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska Cornhuskers starting punter Brian Buschini didn't exactly have a great 2023 season. The good news is that the special teams operative seems to understand that quite well. He's working to make sure that 2024 is going to be different.

“We definitely have the personnel to have a really big advantage on special teams,” Buschini told the Omaha World-Herald this week., naming kicker Tristan Alvano and new No. 1 long snapper Camden Witucki along with himself. “I think it’s about getting to the point where we go out and execute on game days and do what we can do.”

Camden Witucki replaces Marco Ortiz, a transfer longsnapper who was so good, he actually got invited to a kind of special teams only version of the NFL Combine. Buschini says that Witucki hasn't really missed a beat and that's allowed him to ramp up in spring and get ready for 2024 more easily.

Just how good the Nebraska Cornhuskers punter can be is still an open question. It's not a mystery at all that he will need to have a good season in order for the Huskers to have a good season in turn.

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