Top athlete keeps hinting at 'legendary' Nebraska football commitment

Michael Terry has talked about how high he is on Nebraska football and one social media post hints again at an impending commitment.
Nebraska football head coach Matt Rhule hoping to reel in nation's top athlete.
Nebraska football head coach Matt Rhule hoping to reel in nation's top athlete. / Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

Every signal the nation’s top athlete sends out seems to be that he’s close to pulling the trigger on a Nebraska football commitment. Sometimes, it’s rather obvious, like when he tweeted out that head coach Matt Rhule wasn’t “playing fair.”

Other times, it’s a bit more vague. A bit more under the radar. But no matter how subtle the hints are, it sure feels like Michael Terry loves what the Cornhuskers have shown him. 

That Nebraska football is in on a 5-star prospect will always be big news. That they could be about to steal one of the state of Texas’ best athletes, out from under the Longhorns’ nose is impressive. And his latest signals sure seem to make it look like he’s made a decision and it’s only a matter of time until it’s official, a decision that could potentially transform the team's dynamics.

Nebraska football on the path to landing nation’s best athlete

The latest sign that Terry could be close to picking the Huskers came in some Instagram story posts. The first showed NU quarterback Dylan Raiola in his uniform sitting on the ground with Terry, also in an NU uni, pointing at the camera in the background.

The post included the caption, “be legendary.”

The second part of the story was a screengrab from Raiola’s Instagram account resharing the picture with  a rocketship and “cool” emoji. 

It’s clear the two players hit it off. That friendship likely stems from Terry’s visit to the Cornhuskers’ spring game in April. It’s almost a sure bet that Raiola has also been working hard at peer recruiting.

Should Terry give his pledge to Matt Rhule and company, it’s possible that Raiola could be instrumental in landing the country’s top athlete, as well as the country’s top offensive lineman in David Sanders Jr.

While neither player is locked down yet, Nebraska football is making strides in recruiting some of the best players in the country. That, by the way includes Raiola himself. If Terry does give his commitment, it he’s said himself that if he had to make a decision today, he’d be playing in Lincoln, things get very interesting very quickly.