Matt Rhule comments about Nebraska Football stay raises eyebrows

The Nebraska football coach made some comments on Saturday that could set off alarm bells throughout the fan base.
Nebraska Football head coach Matt Rhule made some comments that could make people nervous.
Nebraska Football head coach Matt Rhule made some comments that could make people nervous. / John Fisher/GettyImages

Since Matt Rhule first arrived in Lincoln and took over the Nebraska Football program, it feels like there’s been a ticking clock on how long he’s going to stick around. Despite signing a 7-year deal, the Huskers head coach is expected to bolt for a program in a better situation before Cornhuskers fans are ready to see him go.

Of course, Rhule addressed that train of thought specifically when his former boss and friend Trev Alberts departed for Texas A&M. He made it clear that he was with the Nebraska Football program for the long haul, even as headhunters came looking to see whether he might want to leave.

Despite saying he was “all in” just a few weeks ago, his comments during his most recent press conference could raise eyebrows once they receive more attention. For a fanbase that is just sort of waiting for something to go wrong, it’s a bit shocking they haven’t already been highlighted more.

On Tuesday’s relaunch of the Locked on Nebraska podcast, hosts Mitch Sherman and Conner Happer were certainly a bit unnerved by Rhule’s comments. This is especially true given the change already coming to the Nebraska Football program with the departure of one of Alberts’ chief lieutenants, Doug Ewald.

Nebraska Football head coach makes a comment that could unnerve

The two analysts seized on what was essentially just a drop in comment among his longer talk about everything ranging from how kids are coming along to having former New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick in town.

Rhule made a comments that he was “only going to be here a short time” and also said that he hopes that whoever comes after him believes that he left the Nebraska Football program in a better state that he left it.

As Sherman pointed out the idea that Rhule is only going to be here a short time was “disconcerting.” However, there’s an easy to believe explanation behind the comments.

Matt Rhule tends to talk about the big picture quite a bit. And in the grand scheme of things, even if he’s here for 20 years, that will be a short time compared to the history of the program. 

The bottom line is that Rhule’s comments weren’t hinting on him having one foot out the door. But for a coach that many think will bolt for Penn State should that job be open soon, it was the kind of comments Nebraska Football fans and analysts will seize on to create some anxiety.