Ex-Nebraska football QB1 officially closes door on Husker era

Nebraska football quarterback Jeff Sims (7) passes against Maryland
Nebraska football quarterback Jeff Sims (7) passes against Maryland / Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

There was a time when  Jeff Sims was considered the next big thing for Nebraska football. Then, Sims had arguably the worst season any Husker starting quarterback has had in decades. Maybe ever. Things went worse for Jeff Sims in Lincoln than anyone could have possibly predicted. And then, last December, Jeff Sims said goodbye and showed his usual class in doing so. While Sims didn't have much success, he was hte consummate teammate. He rooted on the team even after he lost his job and he seemed to genuinely take joy in the guys who took his job succeeding.

The way he handled himself as a member of the Nebraska football team is why it's easy to root for Jeff Sims. Why it's not hard to hope that while things didn't work out for him and for the Huskers, he can find a level of success wherever he ends up next.

It turns out that Sims' next destination is Arizona State. It's not hard to imagine he could find some success for Arizona State for a couple of different reasons. Right at the top of the list is the fact that the pressure and spotlight simply won't be anywhere near as intense with the Sun Devils.

During Big Ten media days, Sims talked about how surprised he was at how devotional Husker fans were towards Nebraska football. In hindsight, that was probably a sign that Lincoln's spotlight was a bit too bright.

Jeff Sims transitions to Arizona State from Nebraska: a new chapter in college football

Now, he goes back to a situation very similar to Georgia Tech, where he started his college career. The Sun Devils aren't very good. They just lost the odds-on favorite to be the starting quarterback, Jaden Rashada. That's why ASU had a spot for Sims in the first place.

The former Nebraska QB1 likely won't be leading his new team to a bowl game. But they don't play a whole lot of defense in the Big 12. It's possible he could take his talents there and put up some interesting numbers. 

Now that he's officially closed the door on the Nebraska football program, it will certainly be interesting to see what Jeff Sims can do at his next stop.