Speedy Nebraska football target appears on his way to Oregon

The Nebraska football team has been trying to land some serious speed but Gatlin Bair appears to be a lost cause.

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While the Nebraska football team has had quite a bit of success since Matt Rhule came to Lincoln, they can’t win them all. It appears that they can’t win the sweepstakes that involves Gatlin Bair.

Bair, a speedster out of Idaho was once thought to be quite high on the Cornhuskers. It’s not clear exactly what happened that soured him on Lincoln and the Nebraska coaching staff, but they definitely did fall off. 

Now it appears as though the Boise, Idaho star is going to be soon headed to another Big Ten instead. The good news is that he won’t be landing on the Michigan Wolverines, if a recent Crystal Ball can be believed. Instead, he’s soon going to be a member of the very good Oregon Ducks recruiting class.

Assuming that Bair is going to pull the trigger soon, it would mean that the wide receiver is about to have a very big week. Gatlin Bair is the highest-rated player to ever come from Idaho. 

In a shuffling of the ranked players just last week, the wide receiver was named a five-star by 247Sports last week. Now Bair has been Crystal Balled by not one but two of the experts for that recruiting service. 

Both Brandon Huffman and Steve Wiltfong believe that the Oregon Ducks have won this race and will be reeling in the highest-ranked uncommitted player still out there.

Nebraska football loses out on speed-burning wide receiver

It seems as though the race for Gatlin Bair has long been one between two schools, with the Huskers the odd team out. When Jim Harbaugh left Ann Arbor for the Los Angeles Chargers, that was enough to convince the speed burner that it was time to pull the trigger for Oregon.

While not official, it looks like it’s back to the drawing board for Nebraska football.