Ex-Nebraska Cornhuskers AD appears to be at the center of a lie

Former Nebraska Cornhuskers AD Trev Alberts' comments were used as a reason the Texas A&M head coach moved on, but did he really say them?
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Former Nebraska Cornhuskers Athletic Director has found himself in the middle of another controversy. He has in fact been in more controversies than I would have ever expected from a man that’s only been at his new job for a few months. That’s apparently simply the atmosphere of college sports these days.

Having put the controversy of leaving the University of Nebraska behind him, he’s fallen into a new one after his baseball coach at Texas A&M left one day after acting like a jackass at the College World Series.

One would have thought that leaving Alberts and the Aggies in the lurch was enough for Jim Schlossnagle, but it turns out that he wanted to add a little bit of an insult to the injury of leaving his near National Champion for their most bitter rivals. So Schlossnagle decided to basically blame the ex-Nebraska Cornhuskers AD for the reason he left.

Ex-Nebraska Cornhuskers AD gets the blame for Texas A&M coach leaving program in the lurch

During an interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Schlossnagle explained one of the reasons he decided to head to the Texas Longhorns, one day after his Aggies lost a best of three series for the National Title to the Tennessee Volunteers.

“Trev came to me the day before the regional to have a conversation,” the coach claimed in the interview. He asked me if I was frustrated. I told him that I had some frustration with how slow the ballpark process was going and that it was tough to operate without a sport administrator”

“I was committed to working through it. He then made a comment to me — kind of comparing his situation of leaving his alma mater,” he added. “He said to me, ‘You know, Jim, if you ever don’t feel like this is the place for you, that’s OK, and it’s OK to move on.’ I was a little taken aback by that.” 

I think most people would be taken aback by the idea that an AD would approach a successful coach, when that AD was in his first season, and hint he should leave. Trev Alberts is a lot of things, but he’s not stupid.

“That was the moment that I began to think that maybe this wasn’t going to work out,” Schlossnagle then claimed. “No one ever contacted me or my agent about a new contract for our staff, so I just decided to focus on getting our team to Omaha and winning.”

That last part about the contract seems like the most believable part. Perhaps he wanted an extension and didn’t get it. Alberts did just spend a ton of money extending coaches with the Nebraska Cornhuskers and was burned pretty badly by Scott Frost.

But the idea that Alberts came and told Schlossnagle to move on just doesn’t strike me as a true story. I will say it’s easier to give him the benefit of the doubt considering Schlossnagle has already proven himself to not be trustworthy.