Attempted troll job of Nebraska football does not go as expected

One social media account thought they had a sick burn about Nebraska football, but learned something in the end.
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There is a perception that Nebraska football fans are expecting more from their favorite team this season than they really are. While we all want the “sleeping giant” to wake up, we know that when it does, it’s likely to be a bit groggy and stumble around a bit at first.

That’s why an attempt to troll Cornhusker Nation didn’t work out nearly as well as one social media account hoped earlier this week. That account likely thought commenting about how Matt Rhule and company would get whupped by one of the best teams in the country would set people off.

Instead, Nebraska football fans responded en masse in a very different way. They made it clear that for 2024 at least, the goal is simply to get back to a bowl game. If there are some bad losses along the way,  so be it.

Nebraska football troll job does not go as expected

The Twitter account, College Football Report started things off by quote-tweeting a post from On3 asking how fans thought NU would handle it’s 2024 schedule. That slate is notoriously light for the first seven weeks. However, things get more difficult on the back end, including a date at Ohio State.

The account posted that the Huskers would go 7-0, and then get whalloped by Michigan State. Clearly it thought the post might rile fans up. But the reaction was quite a bit different:

"Listen if we are 7-0 and top 10. Idc if it’s 100-0," one fan responded. "We are one bowl eligible and we have cracked being ranked. I’m literally fine."

Others had the same sentiment.

The "if you insist" comment showing another fan would be fine with 7-1.

I'd take that

The prevailing theme is rather simple. Nebraska football fans are so burned from no bowls since 2016 that they will take an epic beatdown, if it means starting off 7-0 and clinching the postseason.