Blake Shapen MSU commitment could mean good Nebraska football news

Baylor Bears quarterback Blake Shapen (12) runs with the ball (Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports)
Baylor Bears quarterback Blake Shapen (12) runs with the ball (Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports) /

Nebraska football lost the battle to reel in former Baylor Bear quarterback Blake Shapen but that could actually mean good news is on the way.

Things are starting to move when it comes to Nebraska football and its transfer portal targets. Could the big move and the big news for the Huskers be coming this weekend?

It seems likely.

The first domino to fall for Nebraska came on Friday night when former Baylor Bears quarterback Blake Sharpen confirmed his commitment to Mississippi State. It seems like a safe bet that if he pulled that trigger, some of the other big transfer portal targets are about to make decisions as well.

Shapen was one of four or five targets Matt Rhule and company talked to just after the portal opened. Marcus Satterfield went to Waco and spoke with Shapen, though there wasn’t much news on movement for the former Baylor quarterback after that visit.

It’s entirely possible that Shapen read the same tea leaves that others have been staring at for nearly a week now. Former Ohio State quarterback Kyle McCord has been thought to be the top target for Nebraska football. The Huskers are rumored to be the top landing spot for McCord.

Nebraska football could have gotten good news instead of bad

What Huskers fans hope doesn’t happen is that Shapen’s commitment starts a chain reaction that leaves Nebraska without a chair when the music stops. That’s still very much a possibility.

The Cornhuskers are going up against some of the best schools in the country for some of the best quarterbacks in the portal. Rhule and his staff are aiming high.

That might pay off with a quarterback who took his team to an 11-1 record in his first season as a starter. That would be the best outcome.

But with Blake Shapen committing to Mississippi State, the Nebraska football team has lost its Plan B or Plan C. So here’s hoping this loss is indeed good news on the Kyle McCord front.