Nebraska Football: Should Matt Rhule gamble it all and start Chubba Purdy?

Nebraska Football head coach Matt Rhule has an interesting decision to make when it comes to who is starting against the Wisconsin Badgers.

Marcus Satterfield, the Huskers’ offensive coordinator, informed the media that Jeff Sims and Chubba Purdy are sharing quarterback duties. Heinrich Haarberg remains injured, though expected to be able to play at Wisconsin.

At this point in the season, starting Chubba Purdy comes with risks, but is it worth a shot?

Granted, Purdy has three starts in his college career, one at Florida State and two with Nebraska, but it may be worth the chance to change the man behind center.

Sure, Purdy, in his two starts with Nebraska Football, struggled, maintaining a 46 percent completion rate, but that was a different offensive scheme. Of course, his one start at Florida State was not much better, with a 51 percent completion rate.

Like Haarberg and Sims, Purdy can run. Husker fans unfortunately know what they are getting with Haarberg and Sims; Purdy might deserve his chance.

While playing for the opportunity for a bowl game invite this late in the season seems laughable, what if it worked?

If Purdy fumbled under pressure, there is no harm in taking him out early in the Wisconsin game and replacing him with Haarberg or Sims. On the reverse side, all three quarterbacks have competed this year for this opportunity, what if Purdy shined?

Conventional wisdom teaches whoever has the hot hand in the last few games deserves the shot. The problem is no player has impressed. In fact, the quarterback play has been atrocious, resulting in constant turnovers.

Nebraska Football needs to give Chubba Purdy a chance

There is no better opportunity to give Purdy his chance than in Wisconsin. The crowd will be hostile and challenging. Rhule’s decisions thus far suggest that he is rather unlikely to change to Purdy, but don’t be entirely surprised if we see the coach gamble with such a decision.

Surely, Rhule is dying for that win to head to a bowl game. The risk might pay off, and the worst-case scenario is that you switch quarterbacks after a few possessions.

Maybe Purdy has gained some additional insights from his brother Brock in the past few weeks. The 49ers took a chance on the older brother with his selection as the last pick in the 2022 draft (Mr. Irrelevant), which paid off. Perhaps Rhule gambles it all and a Nebraska Football hero is born.