Nebraska Cornhuskers News: Hoiberg loves his veteran newbies, more

Nebraska Cornhuskers head coach Fred Hoiberg calls for a timeout (Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports)
Nebraska Cornhuskers head coach Fred Hoiberg calls for a timeout (Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Nebraska Cornhuskers basketball team has tipped off its first practices of the season and head coach Fred Hoiberg is excited about the team’s makeup. The question now is whether another squad with a bunch of new faces can mesh quicker than teams in the past.

The bottom line is that while there are several Nebraska basketball transfers joining the squad, the team overall is one with a lot of veteran backgrounds.

“Every day you know exactly what you’re going to get with these guys. And that matters. These guys are battle-tested,” Hoiberg said on Tuesday.

The new faces, mixed with returning players like Keisei Tominaga, are likely the most talented overall team Fred Hoiberg has had. And that’s before you count Ahron Uhlis, whose status for the 2023-24 season is still very much up in the air.

Nebraska Cornhuskers women’s basketball team is ultra-motivated

Fred Hoiberg isn’t the only one that is excited about his team. Amy Williams also spoke to the media about the women’s basketball team and she made it clear her squad is plenty fired up for this season.

Williams’ team flirted with the NCAA Tournament for most of the season. This year, she hopes she can get the Nebraska Cornhuskers to March Madness.

The rest of Husker Nation is hoping that two basketball teams will be playing meaningful games late in March.

Jordan Larson makes her return to Lincoln

The Nebraska volleyball team hired a third assistant this year. However, until now that assistant has been busy playing internationally and trying to make sure she was part of next year’s Olympics.

Now that she has in fact sealed that bid, she’s coming back to Lincoln to begin her coaching career.

“This is gonna be a work in progress, how to incorporate her back in,” Cook said on Tuesday. “The good news is she’s been staying in touch via Zoom, wherever she’s been in the world. We have a connection. The players have a connection with her so I gotta figure out how to best use her. Again, it’s just like getting another person in the coaching staff, the family, just how to get the most out of her and make her feel comfortable.”

It appears as good as the Nebraska Cornhuskers volleyball team has been, it could get just a little bit better.