Nebraska Cornhuskers could find out Ahron Ulis fate soon

The Nebraska Cornhuskers basketball team is likely going to learn their transfer point guard’s fate soon, as there was a major development in his case.

While the Nebraska football team has stolen headlines so far this fall, we’re not too far away from the Nebraska basketball season tipping off. For now, the Nebraska Cornhuskers do not have a solid answer on whether transfer point guard Ahron Uhlis will be with them at any point in the 2023-24 season.

While the question as to whether Uhlis will be allowed to play is still up in the air, there was a major development in his case earlier this week. Uhlis pled guilty to underage gambling charges and was fined $645.

Now the Nebraska Cornhuskers and Uhlis need to see what the NCAA has to say on the matter. It’s possible his playing career could be over if the organization determines he bet on his own team’s basketball games when he was at Iowa.

Nebraska Cornhuskers begin the long wait

While a big part of the Ahron Ulis situation is now settled, it seems unlikely that his playing eligibility is going to get settled anytime soon. The NCAA is not exactly an organization known for moving quickly.

The Nebraska football team is still technically waiting for word on tight end Arik Gilbert, even if it’s unlikely he’ll ever play a down for the Huskers after being arrested twice since August 1. Nebraska has been waiting for about 10 months now on word of the football player’s eligibility.

There’s no guarantee that the Nebraska Cornhuskers are going to get any kind of word at all before the basketball season tips off. Of course, even if he is allowed to play this season, it seems a safe bet that it won’t be until sometime in January.

For what it’s worth, Ulis was still on the Nebraska Cornhuskers basketball roster as of Monday, so it appears Fred Hoiberg is willing to let bygones be bygones. Several other players that were caught in the gambling probe have been suspended by their teams.

Of course, none of Ulis’ gambling came while he was a Husker.