Nebraska football locks up sellouts for the 2023 season

Nebraska football NCAA transfer portal (Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports)
Nebraska football NCAA transfer portal (Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports) /

The “will they, won’t they” drama about the sellout streak for the 2023 season is officially over, though that it took this long is probably an issue.

The Nebraska football team is such a draw around the country that it even helps other teams sell out their stadiums.

Despite helping other schools sell out, its memorial stadium that’s the real issue. Six straight losing seasons would have meant that selling more than 80,000 tickets a week was a pipe dream.

For the Nebraska football team, the sellout streak is still alive. Even if athletic director Trev Alberts had to play some tricks in order to keep it alive.

Plenty of people have criticized the administration the last few years for the rules they’ve had to bend in order to make sure the sellout streak was still alive. And even if with those all the twists and turns, the Nebraska Cornhuskers have often looked like the streak was going to come to an end at any time. It just won’t be 2023.

On Wednesday night’s edition of Sports Nightly, Alberts made the news official. Every Nebraska football game is officially sold out for this season.

Alberts added that if there was any worry that the student section might not handle it’s business, those concerns have been put to rest. The students have also sold out their allotment. That means there shouldn’t be an empty seat in the house right?

Nebraska football keeps streak alive

The fact of the matter is that there will likely be some empty seats here and there. Some of those sold seats are to people and companies that won’t ever use them. However, new head coach Matt Rhule could make it so the streak stops teetering on the brink.

If he can win as much as people believe he might, and do it quickly, Nebraska football can rejuvenate the fanbase.