Nebraska Football: Latest sellout streak ploy sparks new debate

Nebraska Cornhuskers fans in costumes watch pregame celebrations (Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports)
Nebraska Cornhuskers fans in costumes watch pregame celebrations (Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports) /

On Monday afternoon, the Nebraska football sellout streak was basically saved. The streak reached 386 games against Indiana, but after that contest, athletic director made it clear that there was no guarantee it would continue through the end of the year. However, the program’s latest ploy appears to have come close to making that guarantee after all.

The Associated Press’s Eric Olson took to Twitter on Monday to report that the Nebraska football program seemed to have solved its excess ticket problem. There are now about 500-800 tickets available per game. It’s likely those will sell relatively quickly. If they don’t the university will likely use a ploy similar to the one it did this week.

That ploy? selling about $21,000 worth of tickets to one person on a bulk rate that comes out to about $10 per ticket. Of course, that’s quite a bit less than people normally pay for tickets. Tickets these days, if they’re not purchased from resellers, are about $75 apiece. There’s also the fact that selling 2,100 tickets to one person seems a bit like cheating when it comes to continuing a streak that’s reached 386 games.

When the Nebraska football program announced it had seemingly made sure that the sellout streak would continue another year, it kicked off more than a few comments on social media.

More than a few people commented on the fact that it would be nice if other people were able to get the tickets at such a discounted price.

However, some fans don’t really care how the streak continues. They’re just glad it’s going to go on.

While some Nebraska football fans think that allowing a rich donor to buy up the excess tickets is cheating, others argue that the sellout streak was never a capacity streak.

What’s clear is that the Nebraska football program is going to keep a tradition going that is important to parts of the fanbase, and they’re going to keep it going however they can.