Analyst predicts Nebraska football team’s energy boost from fan support

A Nebraska Cornhuskers cheerleader holds up a sign (Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports)
A Nebraska Cornhuskers cheerleader holds up a sign (Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports) /

One analyst believes that the Nebraska football team will see quite a bit of success in 2023 and that the fans will play a big role.

There was a time when playing against Nebraska football in Memorial Stadium was one of the more feared experiences in college sports. The loss of luster of the Husker program itself has damaged the intimidation factor of its home field quite a bit.

Teams no longer fear coming to Lincoln to take on the Huskers. If Georgia Southern can come to town and win, then so can anyone.

While Mike Riley and Scott Frost did a lot of damage to the intimidation factor of Memorial Stadium, one college analyst believes that Nebraska football will have enough success in 2023 that the fans will become deeply engaged again. That engagement will make the Huskers’ home a tough place to play and will in turn, help fuel the success of Matt Rhule and company moving forward.

Speaking on the Matt Barrie Show, former Florida Gators and Mississippi State Bulldogs coach Dan Mullen laid out his theory about how Nebraska football fans and the team will feed off one another this fall.

The synergy of the Nebraska football program

“Matt Rhule is going to come in to a Nebraska fanbase that is, I mean, it’s hard to argue if there’s a more passionate fanbase than for their team,” the former coach turned analyst started out. “It’s a passionate, loving fanbase.”

“I think Matt Rhule is going to come in, the team is going to have a little bit of success. And I think the fanbase immediately? Even though I think Luke Fickell will win more games this year and have a more successful season? I think the fanbase at Nebraska is going to see a light with Matt Rhule. I think that will reinvigorate their fanbase, which is crazy that they need to be, and get them so excited about the future that I think he will have success.”

Mullen is hardly the only person to recognize that Nebraska football needs its fans in order to really get back to winning in a big way. But it’s certainly nice to see he’s someone who believes that will happen right away.