Nebraska football goes all-in on Iowa quarterback

A Nebraska Cornhuskers cheerleader is hoisted into the air (Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports)
A Nebraska Cornhuskers cheerleader is hoisted into the air (Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports) /

Nebraska football recruiting of quarterbacks in 2025 has been rather frenetic, with a number of players stepping into the role of “top target.”

There was a time when it was Stone Saunders all day, every day. However, it appears that either Saunders soured on Nebraska football, or the Huskers decided they wanted to go in a different direction. With his announcement coming later this week, it appears the Huskers are moving onto other targets.

Alex Manske appears to be the man who has stepped into the crosshairs of Nebraska football recruiting. On Sunday, he completed his third visit to Lincoln. The question now is have the Huskers done enough to be the team that Manske announces when the time comes.

That time, by the way, is going to be the end of the coming football season, according to On3’s Bryan Munson. The timing actually seems perfect for the Cornhuskers. It allows them to line up backup plans if and when Saunders decides that he’s going to Kentucky.

The Wildcats have surged into the driver’s seat for the Pennsylvania quarterback. That was after months of it looking like the Nebraska football team was in the lead. There are all kinds of reasons why this might have happened but at the top of the list is that Saunders is much more of a pocket passer than Rhule and offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield are interested in.

On the other hand, Manske is much more of a dual-threat quarterback. In just nine games last season, he threw for over 1,600 yards and ran for another 400.

Nebraska football circling top targets

That the Algona, Iowa signal caller was in Lincoln for a third time could mean that the Cornhuskers are making up ground. Just which school he favors is still very much an unsettled question. On3 believes he’s still a slight lean to the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Rivals believes it’s Matt Rhule and company that have a slightly better chance to land the 3-star prospect.

It’s worth pointing out that Nebraska football recruiting efforts is all about hedging bets at this point. Interestingly enough on the same weekend that Manske was in town, the Huskers also hosted another 2025 quarterback prospect in Carson Boyd.

It’s certainly interesting to see that the coaching staff didn’t have any problem with two targets at the same position being around at the same time. I’ve long believed it’s possible the Huskers could try and bring in two QBs for the 2025 class.

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Perhaps this was the Nebraska football staff’s way of ensuring both targets understood the aim.