Nebraska Football: Quarterback target planning big news

Nebraska football fans leave the stadium after their game (Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports)
Nebraska football fans leave the stadium after their game (Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports) /

Nebraska football fans have been having quite a fun run and it appears that some big news from Stone Saunders is right around the corner.

The Nebraska football team is on a heck of a roll lately. They 2024 class now has 17 commits thanks to securing the bag when it comes to Bellevue West players. Isaiah McMorris, Dae’vonn Hall, and Daniel Kaelin are all “N,” now.

Could next week keep the good times rolling? Stone Saunders could indeed fuel some more positive momentum for Matt Rhule and his staff. It all comes down to what the 2025 quarterback prospect was hinting at in a Tweet on Friday afternoon.

"“Got something for you guys Tuesday…”"

The apparent top quarterback target for the Nebraska football team in the 2025 class also called out Hayes Fawcett who tends to be someone that makes cool graphics for big announcements. So what can the Huskers expect next week?

It’s not entirely clear whether the Tuesday announcement is good news or bad. On the plus side, the Huskers have been after the Pennsylvania signal caller for a while. They’ve clearly made an impression too.

At one time it looked like Rhule and company were looking to secure both Dylan Raiola in 2024 and then Saunders in 2025. But the Huskers are also covering their bases in 2024 the way they did with Kaelin in the 2024 class.

The coaching staff just recently offered Iowa quarterback Alex Manske and there was some whispers that Manske might be a backup plan.

Nebraska football on a knife’s edge

NU is certainly not alone when it comes to the attention of the Pennsylvania quarterback. The Kentucky Wildcats are said to be among the favorites. There’s some talk that NU and UK are the two teams that stand the best chance.

There is of course, a chance that Tuesday’s announcement is going to be exactly that. There’s no guarantee that Stone Saunders is going to shed a ton of light on where he’s going yet. So perhaps the “something” is simply a narrowing down of school choices.

Of course, Nebraska football would absolutely take being included once things are narrowed down.