Nebraska Football: Analyst claims Huskers will win the Big Ten West

Josh Perry at Big Ten Media Days (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)
Josh Perry at Big Ten Media Days (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /

Big Ten Media days brings out quite a bit of optimism in people. Even the lowliest of teams are talking about how they think they’re going to compete for the division and conference championships. People are talking about what Nebraska football might be able to do in Matt Rhule’s first season.

And it’s not just the coaches that are doing the talking. It’s not just the players and fans that believe a team could over-achieve to a ridiculous degree. There are members of the media who are making some rather eye-raising claims.

None might be making more eye-raising claims than Big Ten Network analyst Josh Perry. Perry, relatively new to the broadcast team on the network, made some waves among Nebraska football fans and followers on Wednesday afternoon when he made the boldest of bold predictions.

Asked for an off-the-wall, outlandish claim, he thinks might actually come true in 2023? Nebraska football will win the Big Ten West. Yes, he said it.

The team that was predicted to finish fifth in the Big Ten West by conference media, could actually finish first, according to Perry.

Nebraska football will surprise?

I first want to point out that he said it. We didn’t.

Nebraska football fans often get a bad rap fro being unrealistic when it comes to what we expect from our favorite team. That, in turn has led to claims that the program has become a meat grinder full of unrealistic expectations.

It wasn’t the fans this time. I’m not sure you could find one that would declare the Huskers are finishing better than fourth with the kind of self assurance that Perry had in his claim.

Of course, it’s always possible the analyst was just pulling our collective legs. We all know such a prediction is going to get us excited, even if we don’t really believe Nebraska football is going to be that good. After all, hope springs eternal.