Believe it or not, Nebraska football has never played these FBS teams

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Nebraska football
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Nebraska football vs The MAC

Like a weird number of G5 conferences on this list, the MAC has a large number of teams the Nebraska football team hasn’t faced off against. In all, there are seven teams playing in the MAC in 2023 that have never gone up against the Huskers.

Bowling Green: The Falcons, like quite a few of the other MAC teams in the conference have spent most of their time at a lower level of football. The Huskers have faced off against a decent number of MAC squads but Bowling Green isn’t one of them.

Central Michigan: Central Michigan is one of those teams that might have ruled itself out of being a rival of the Nebraska football team simply by being pretty good for a mid-major program. It looks like the Huskers usually picked the programs that weren’t great in the MAC to play.

Eastern Michigan: If the school really was picking bad MAC teams it’s a bit of a surprise they never came calling for Eastern Michigan. However, for whatever reason, the two schools have not faced off against one another.

Kent State: Perhaps the fact that other than Ohio State, Nebraska football just never really ventured into Ohio for opponents explains why Kent State was a team the Cornhuskers went up against.

Miami(O): I can only assume that Nebraska had its fill with the Miami Hurricanes and decided it didn’t need to schedule the other Miami school.

Ohio: If the Huskers had ever played the Bobcats, especially in the last 15 years it would have certainly been interesting. There were more than a few people who would have enjoyed seeing the Huskers go up against their old coach in Frank Solich. However, it never got done.

Toledo: The Rockets have been around since 1917 and even though they’ve bounced up and down between FBS and FCS, it looks like there just hasn’t been interest in a game against Toledo.