Nebraska Football: Tailgate ideas for Week 3 vs Northern Illinois

Nebraska Football has a big contest this week. Here is some food to get you started.

Much like a lot of you, I still can’t believe what happened to Nebraska Football last Saturday in Boulder. I’ll also admit I didn’t feel like we had it in the bag at halftime with the score 17-0. That being said, I’m done going over it. It’s the emotional equivalent to reliving a break up.

Props to the approximately 30,000+ Husker fans who made the trip out to Boulder. The fans took over almost 60% of the stadium and represented the entire game. If only the Huskers had managed that kind of no quit for all four quarters.

On to this week’s night game! You know what the gameday atmosphere is like in Lincoln when there is a night game. If you don’t know, imagine the best wedding reception or graduation party you’ve ever been to and then multiply it times 3. For those of you watching the Huskers on tv, it will be on FS1 at 7:00 pm CDT. It’s going to be sunny and in the lower 80’s so bring your sunscreen for that tailgate.

Last time the Huskies were in town they beat Nebraska, 21-17 due to great defensive takeaways and play. No one is overlooking them or their defense this year. They gave Utah all it could handle last week despite the score.

Players to keep an eye on are senior QB Ross Bowers. He has 528 yards under his belt and a 64.5% passing rate. Look for wide receiver Spencer Tears to be covered by the Husker defense much like they tried to cover Colorado Buff Laviska Shinault. Tears garnered 106 yards on 4 catches.

Something that the Huskies have that the Huskers are still searching for is a kicker. Huskie John Richardson nailed a 46 yard field goal keeping them in the game at halftime last week, 21-17. Neraska is still searching for someone, anyone to kick field goals. They are even looking at soccer players.

It’s not news that the Huskers need some players to step up and contribute. For more on that check here. I want to see the receivers actually catch the ball. Where’s Waldo comes to mind when names like Kade Warner (battling a “hand” injury), Jaron Woodyard, or Kanawai Noa are mentioned. There is also a stable of tight ends milk-carton-style missing from the stat sheet: Austin Allen, Kurt Rafdal or Jack Stoll (who true to his word, shaved his stunning mullet after the loss).

The Husker game left a bitter taste in my mouth. That kind of pucker face that comes when life hands you lemons. It’s that very thing that inspired my jello shot du’jour. I’ve fallen for Deep Eddy’s Lemon Vodka. It’s smooth. Really smooth, like an Eric Crouch option toss smooth. Mix 1 cup water with a package of lemon jello and a Crystal Light lemonade packet. Once the dry ingredients are dissolved, add in 3/4 cup Lemon Vodka. Chill it up and enjoy!

Nebraska Football night games are a balancing act of eating and drinking. Without a good foundation of food things can get out of hand. NIU hails from the Chicago area so this week’s food selection involves inspiration from the windy city with a hot dog bar! You can have more than just mustard, relish, sauerkraut or onions on a dog.

One of the best additions is caramelized onions and bits of Nebraska roast beef. I’ll toss on some shredded Swiss cheese for that extra kick. Huskers are searching for that extra “kick” after all (see what I did there).

Chili and cheese is always good to smother a dog. I’m hoping linebackers  Will Honas and  Colin Miller continue to smother the opposing quarterback and running lanes. BBQ sauce and coleslaw for that southern flare, much like how Georgia native inside linebacker Mo Barry gives the Husker defense some extra sauce. For a bit of international flavor, try the Thai hot dog. It’s a mixture of Thai peanut sauce, a little ginger, a little garlic, scallions and coleslaw mix.

Don’t let last week get you down. There’s plenty more of Husker football on the horizon. Pace yourself at the tailgates. Feel free to hit me up with your photos or recipes on twitter @Kelian_NE and as always, GO BIG RED!