Nebraska Football: Top Kansas player picking his school on Thursday

A Nebraska cheerleader waves a giant flag in the Aer Lingus college football series (Brendan Moran-USA TODAY Sports)
A Nebraska cheerleader waves a giant flag in the Aer Lingus college football series (Brendan Moran-USA TODAY Sports) /

Can the Nebraska football team pull off a big upset and land itself the top player in the state of Kansas for the 2024 class? We’ll find out Thursday.

By the time Thursday evening rolls around, the Nebraska football team could either have suffered its second recruiting loss of the day, or restarted its hot streak. At 6:30pm on Thursday evening, the state of Kansas’s best player is going to announce his school choice.

Kaedin Massey will pick from four teams and one of those four is the Nebraska football program. The other three are no slouches. Massey named Ole Miss, the Huskers, Oklahoma and Kansas State as his finalists.

For his part, new Nebraska football commit Dae’vonn Hall made it clear where he’d like to see the offensive lineman end up:

However, if the Huskers end up winning this particular race, it would have to be considered a pretty big upset. Perhaps the biggest upset is that the Cornhuskers aren’t really in danger of losing out to Oklahoma. Nor to Ole Miss. Instead it’s the Kansas State wildcats that appear to be the goliaths that Nebraska football will have to play the David too should they want to land Massey.

Granted the Wildcats don’t have the same kind of profile as the Sooners, but landing in Manhattan would mean that the monster (6-foot-8) offensive lineman is “staying home.” Matt Rhule, his staff and their recent spate of recruits can attest to how attractive that can be.

They can attest to how effective a “just don’t leave” sale pitch can be.

Nebraska football outside looking in

Kaedin Massey is the second of two high-profile Nebraska football recruits announcing their decision on Thursday. The first is Caleb Pyrfrom. The Omaha offensive lineman is expected to pick Illinois after spending much of the last few months being one of the top Husker targets.

Even on a day when the Cornhuskers might go 0-for-2, it’s hard to feel pessimistic, considering the kind of June they’ve had. Perhaps a switch up by Massey will come.