Nebraska Football back in the driver’s seat for state’s top target

The Nebraska football team is blessed to have Malachi Coleman on it. (Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports)
The Nebraska football team is blessed to have Malachi Coleman on it. (Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports) /

The top prospect in the state had been thought to be heading outside the state but now Nebraska football might be back on top.

Nebraska football recruiting is on an incredible roll right now. But there is one top target that is still out there, and it would be a cherry on the cupcake if Matt Rhule could reel him in. The good news is it looks like the Huskers’ head coach could indeed reel him in, maybe before the end of the weekend.

Carter Nelson is positioned to be the crown jewel of the 2024 class for Nebraska football. It used to be Dylan Raiola, but he got away. That’s why it would be so bad if the Ainsworth tight end decided to attend college anywhere but Lincoln.

For a time, it seemed like that’s exactly what Nelson would do. However, after another weekend where the Huskers brought in both recruits and commits to try and keep loading up on talent, NU looks like they damn near closed the deal. After trailing behind Notre Dame and Georgia at different periods of time over the last two months, they are strong in the lead among experts’ predictions.

Some Nebraska football commits hinted that Nelson is now “N.” It seems as though the program is just waiting to see that big announcement come out later today.

Nebraska football moved quick

Coming into Friday, there was some talk that the Huskers might have managed to steal Nelson. By Saturday morning, it seemed to be swinging hard that way. On3 was on example as the Huskers surged into the expected leader.

The Huskers got to the top spot thanks to a swing that On3 shows as a 40-point improvement. Oh. And then there’s this.

It certainly seems like Nebraska football landed itself the top prospect in the state. It’s just a matter of Carter Nelson making it official.