Nebraska Football: Braylen Prude, Callen Barta, Jake Peters, and a big Sunday

(Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)
(Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images) /

Nebraska football landed not one, not two, but three commits in a single day and now people are wondering who they are and what’s next.

It’s safe to say that Father’s Day was the most significant recruiting day of Matt Rhule’s career here for Nebraska football. It stood out not just because the Nebraska football team got three commits but because those three are all “diamond in the rough” type players.

It might work out, it might not but it’s also the first time since Rhule started recruiting that Nebraska Cornhuskers fans got a bit nervous in terms of stars. Of the three players who committed last night, only Jake Peters had an offer from another FBS school. None of the three had offers from Power 5 schools outside of Nebraska.

Braylen Prude stands out from the three Nebraksa Cornhuskers commits on Sunday as the biggest mystery of the bunch. He came to camp and was offered by the Huskers coaches despite not having a ton of film to show off.

Nebraska football has some mysteries in its class now

Perhaps that’s why the 6-foot-4 linebacker who projects to the secondary in college doesn’t have a ton of offers yet. However, he is blazing fast (4.3 40-time) and again, is quite tall. The Nebraska football team is clearly looking for a type of player. They don’t care if he’s also a Top-100 type player if they find him.

Callen Barta is the only one who came into Sunday actually boasting a star rating from sites like 247Sports. Peters and Prude only earned their 3-star ratings after joining the Huskers. Like Prude, Barta is fairly tall for a defensive back at 6-foot-2. He’s also known to post 4.3 40-times. Again, the Nebraska football team has a type under Rhule.

Peters might be the ones that had Husker fans tilting their heads in confusion the lease on Sunday. Yes, he’s too small to play offensive tackle at the next level (one reason why the Iowa prospect hasn’t seen Power 5 offers), but Donovan Raiola thinks he can move to an interior offensive lineman and be just fine.

The Nebraska football team now has 12 commits in the 2024 class. That’s quite a lot for this particular time of year. The question now is, what’s next for this class? It could be quite the wild ride to December.