Nebraska Football Recruiting: Daniel Kaelin commit puts Huskers in Top 25

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Nebraska football recruiting got a big boost when they got a commitment from the 3-star quarterback both on the roster and in the rankings.

When Daniel Kaelin announced he was a Husker, it gave a lift to Nebraska football recruiting in a couple of different ways. Not the least of which was that Matt Rhule and company had their quarterback for 2024. They also got a prospect that more than a few schools were quite interested in. And finally, they were able to get that boost in the recruiting rankings.

On3 even has the Nebraska football recruiting efforts lead to a Top 25 bid. And there are quite a few recruits that could help the Huskers climb even higher up the ladder. But for now, we can just relish the fact that Kaelin’s commitment has the team where it is.

According to On3, Nebraska football recruiting efforts are precisely the 25th best in the country. That’s just behind Texas Tech and Colorado. It’s also just a few spots behind the Iowa Hawkeyes, who are having one of the best early-season hauls in Kirk Ferentz’s career.

Not only is Nebraska football in the Top 25 of the country, but they’re also in the top half of the Big Ten.

Interestingly, On3 already has both USC and UCLA included in their rankings since they’ll be members of the conference when the 2024 class is able to set foot on the field. That means the Huskers are 7th out of 16, which sounds a little better than right in the middle.

Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, USC, Wisconsin, and Iowa all rank ahead of Matt Rhule and company.

Nebraska football recruiting making waves

The Cornhuskers have been doing a heck of a job in recruiting since the new staff arrived, largely thanks to focusing on in-state recruits and Texas prospects.

The question now is just where Nebraska football recruiting can end up.