Nebraska Cornhuskers Baseball take frustrations out on hapless gophers

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The Nebraska Cornhuskers baseball team want you to know that no, the season is not spinning out of control. In fairness, we’ll have to see what the next week or so brings before we can really say that the baseball team righted what was wrong.

Having said that, it’s a safe bet that no one saw an 18-0 win, even over Minnesota coming on Saturday  after their performances since a sweep of Northwestern. Those performances included getting swept by Iowa.

Most glaringly, those performances also included a loss to South Dakota State and then a series-opening loss to Minnesota by allowing nine runs to the worst offense in the Big Ten. It also included having to rally from being down 4-1 to Creighton again. That game will be continued later this spring. But it’s another game that really had no business being in doubt.

Those performances were starting to make even the most ardent Will Bolt supporters wonder what exactly went wrong with this season. Jace Kaminska, one of those that went wrong after a solid start to the year, might have shown that he could be one of the guys to make things right again.

Kaminska has been a bit maddening in the last few seasons. He was dominant in his first year with Wichita State and then straight bad in 2022. 2023 has shown both versions of the starting player. On Saturday, he spun seven shutout innings, allowing just five hits, and striking out seven.

Nebraska Cornhuskers dominate against Minnesota

The Huskers offense has also been a bit up and down lately. Today, it was way, way up. The offense was led by Max Anderson who went 4-for-6 with two homers. Just slightly less impressive was Brice Matthews who was 3-for-4 with a double and an RBI.

The win gives the Nebraska baseball team a big win at a time when they needed it. Now it’s about winning the series against Minnesota and building some momentum.