Nebraska Football Recruiting: Carter Nelson doesn’t seem impressed by ‘Coach Prime’

Nebraska football recruiting fans got some apparent good news in the fight against Colorado as Carter Nelson doesn’t seem like a fan of Prime’s approach.

Anytime a Nebraska football recruiting target comes back seemingly less than impressed by Deion Sanders, it has to be chalked up as a win. He gives me worse used car salesman vibes than PJ Fleck but clearly Coach Prime’s approach has won over some people. It appears that Carter Nelson has seen through the hucksterism beneath.

When talking to On3, Nelson had some interesting comments about what he saw and how he felt about his visit to Colorado. Specifically their “interesting” approach to how the Buffaloes are building things back up in Boulder.

“What stood out is they try to use his name as a brand now, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. But, I mean, they’re going to go about it the way they want to.”

It’s a given that Nebraska football recruiting and any other recruiting in this day and age is going to have some elements of “rock star coach” to it. After all, Deion, or Matt Rhule or Nick Saban are going to be the head coach leading these men and the players want to know more about who is going to be coaching them. But guys like Rhule have done a better job making it clear he’s part of the program and that Nelson would be commiting to play for the Huskers.

Coach Prime seems to be making clear that he is the program and that people will be committing to him, and as an aside, playing for Colorado.

The approach works for him so it’s hard to say that what Coach Prime is doing is wrong. But Carter Nelson sure doesn’t seem to be buying whatever CU is currently selling. Considering how much Nebraska football recruiting would love to get the 4-star tight end and top player in the state to Lincoln, that’s a big positive.