Nebraska Football: Dylan Raiola could commit ‘this month,’ according to analyst


Until spring practices start for Nebraska football, there isn’t a ton to focus on besides “what might be.” On that note, it makes perfect sense that top 2024 quarterback target Dylan Raiola is dominating headlines. That he might be the newest member of the Nebraska football 2024 recruiting class in a matter of days or weeks is one reason why there’s so much excitement around the player.

Despite the fact that Raiola recently saw a ratings drop on one recruiting service, the quarterback is still one of the most sought-after players in the country. For months now, experts have believed that the Huskers have the inside track. Now one expert believes that inside track is about to turn into a full fledged commit and it could be coming soon.

Appearing on a recent episode of the Coffee & Cream podcast, Mitch Sherman talked about a range of topics including the fact that he’s quite convinced that Dylan Raiola could announce his commitment to the Nebraska football team very soon.

"“I think Nebraska is going to land Dylan Raiola here in the spring. This month, probably. And that’s just my gut feeling on it after watching last weekend in particular. To see them come in and have them sitting courtside at the basketball game.”"

Sherman went on to say that it is possible his prediction is an emotional reaction to seeing what happened last weekend, but he believes Raiola will pull the trigger for Nebraska football very soon.

Nebraska football expert has some inside knowledge

While some Husker fans might think that Sherman’s opinion should just be thrown on the pile of people who are making guesses based on their Nebraska bias, few reporters in and around the Husker sports world had the kind of inside access to the Raiola family that Sherman got last month.

The Athletic writer penned an in-depth piece on Dylan Raiola, his family and what drives him. While even Sherman himself isn’t claiming that he has direct inside knowledge as to where the Chandler quarterback will play in 2024, he knows the athlete about as well as anyone in the media.

And he thinks Dylan Raiola could announce he’ll be a member of the Nebraska football program before March is out.