Nebraska Football: No, Dylan Raiola ranking drop is not aimed at Huskers

Dylan Raiola
Dylan Raiola /

When it comes to Nebraska football and Dylan Raiola, there may not be a better soap opera in the sport today.

As everyone knows, a good soap opera has to have some real twists and turns in order to be exciting. And the Dylan Raiola saga with Nebraska football has undoubtedly had its share of those, even in just a few days time.

The latest twist came on Monday afternoon when the Chandler, Arizona quarterback was dropped from first to sixth in the latest On3 recruiting rankings. The real drama came when quite a few Nebraska football fans proclaimed on social media that the reason the signal caller saw the rating drop was because he is supposedly leaning towards the Huskers.

The reality is, the rating drop has nothing to do with what school he’s leaning towards. I can say that with the utmost confidence.

Do I know why the drop actually happened? No, though an argument could be made that he took a couple of steps back in his junior season compared to a phenomenal sophomore year. It’s not like On3 was especially critical in its evaluation of Raiola even if the site did drop him five spots. In fact the site still rates him as the top quarterback in 2024 class, even if he’s no longer the top player.

Among the complaints on social media was that somehow the recruiting site bumped Raiola’s ranking down in order to “keep Nebraska down.” Which is more than a little ridiculous. The Huskers have had a truly terrible six season run because of choices that Nebraska made. Not because On3 or the NCAA or the Big Ten had a series of axes to grind.

If and when Dylan Raiola decides to become a member of the Nebraska football family, his commitment will be a big deal. Whether he’s the top prospect in the 2024 class or the 6th or the 10th.

There’s no need for Husker fans to play the victim. And if it’s any consolation, 247Sports still has him right at the top of the rankings.