Nebraska Football fullback question gets one answer

Marcus Satterfield reacts (Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports)
Marcus Satterfield reacts (Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports) /

When Nebraska football got its new offensive coordinator, it appeared that it also got a return to its past, in some form or fashion. New OC Marcus Satterfield delighted Husker fans during his first press conference when he made it clear that his offense will incorporate the fullback.

Of course, since those comments, there’s been a lot of guessing about just how the Nebraska football team will use a position that was left in the past during the Scott Frost era. Satterfield understandably isn’t connecting all the dots. But now it appears the Cornhuskers hinted how the team would recruit this position at least.

Some Nebraska football fans grew nervous after Satterfield’s comments that valuable recruiting spots might be used on a position that generally isn’t populated by five-star prospects. However, it’s important to remember that even back in the day, when Tom Osborne was bringing in some of the best fullbacks in college football, they weren’t going out there signing 5-star prospects. In that regard, it appears the Huskers are returning to the “glory days” approach.

Nebraska football fans got an answer to the question, “how will the new coaches approach the fullback position?” It may not be the only answer, but the Columbus Lakeview walk-on Landon Ternus shed some light on the approach.

According to On3‘s Bryan Munson, there was a time when Ternus wasn’t sure he’d be playing a sport in college. Then Ed Foley was hired by Matt Rhule, and it didn’t take long for the longtime assistant to recognize the promise of the Columbus player.

“It’s a good opportunity to play for coach and playing fullback,” Ternus told Munson.

"“I love the physicality of blocking. You are not expected to be 300 pounds and you are expected to block. This opportunity really interested me. My decision was not based on what others wanted me to do. I wanted to stay close to home.”"

Nebraska football fans should know that just because Ternus is walking on in Lincoln doesn’t mean that there no other schools coming calling. North Dakota State gave him a look. So did Missouri Western State.

Things didn’t work out with either of those schools primarily due to bad luck. That might turn into good look for the Huskers.

Just how Ternus will contribute to the offense in 2023 and beyond is still a very big question mark. We still don’t know how serious Satterfield is when it comes to using the fullback. Will it be a gimmick formation to throw the defense off? Mostly goal line? Every down?

Those questions are still unanswered and won’t be until the season kicks off. But at least Landon Ternus offers an answer of sorts into how Nebraska football is looking to fill the position.