Nebraska Cornhuskers news: Concession issues at PBA, Ahman Green comes back, more


The Nebraska Cornhuskers are trying to figure out how to make the concession lines at Pinnacle Bank Arena quite a bit better than they have been. The issue has been coming up for a little while now, but things hit a head when the Nebraska basketball team took down Iowa in front of a full house.

There are some who reported that people in their area missed the majority of the first half of the game just getting a hot dog. It does not appear those making such reports were exaggerating considering that athletic director Trev Alberts issued an actual statement about the situation.

It appears there were also long lines during the women’s basketball game earlier in the week.

Some Nebraska Cornhuskers fans have said it’s gotten to the point where they don’t even bother getting out of their seat to get concessions, because they know they’re going to miss longer portions of the game.

At the moment, the university doesn’t seem to have an answer, but Alberts’ statement does say they are looking for solutions.

Other Nebraska Cornhuskers News

  • One of the greats from the heydays of the Nebraska football program is returning to the university, though not as a coach. Ahman Green announced on his Twitter account that he’s been brought in as a lecturer. Judging by the hashtags he used, he might be lecturing on esports. Green has built quite a following on Twitch and other social medial channels as a gamer.
  • New secondary coach Evan Cooper appeared on Sports Nightly earlier this week and talked a bit about what he’s looking for in his charges. He also talked about what it’s been like recruiting for the Huskers. He said that the Nebraska Cornhuskers brand is still plenty strong and that’s going to be an asset when he goes into homes in the coming years.

College Football News

  • It should come as no surprise that Luke Fickell has been working hard to put together a new “era” of Wisconsin football. To that end, he got his second transfer quarterback of the 2023 cycle on Friday. This time he landed SMU transfer quarterback Tanner Mordecai. Earlier this month, Wisconsin nabbed former Oklahoma quarterback Nick Evers. It appears the two will compete for the starting job next year.
  • It’s always easy to dislike Texas as a Nebraska Cornhuskers fan. It’s even easier to dislike them when you see head coach Steve Sarkisian absolutely lose it on a guy who was just trying to keep the Longhorns in the tunnel until it was time to go out. Sark’s reaction certainly seems to be a massive overreaction.