Nebraska Basketball: Iowa Hawkeyes tears are full of salty goodness

Iowa Hawkeyes head coach Fran McCaffrey reacts on the sidelines(Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports)
Iowa Hawkeyes head coach Fran McCaffrey reacts on the sidelines(Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Nebraska basketball team entered Thursday with plenty of people wondering just what they’d see from the Huskers. Hoiberg’s Heroes have been extremely up and down. They’re a squad that upset then 7th-ranked, Creighton. They’re the squad that almost upset top-ranked Purdue. They’re also the team that looked god-awful against Kansas State. They looked pretty mediocre against Queens.

Then the Nebraska basketball team surged out to a 28-8 lead thanks to a 19-0 run and the PBA was absolutely rocking. Sure, the Huskers eventually hit some cold snaps. They actually allowed Iowa back into the game a couple of times. But they never allowed the Hawkeyes into the game to the point where it was really in doubt.

That’s what made Thursday night so much fun. Even when there was a reason to get a little nervous (I stopped watching for long periods thinking I was jinxing them when keeping an eye on them) the outcome was never really in doubt.

For those keeping track, this is the third post mentioning the Iowa Hawkeyes win this morning. That’s because the title of this article is true. Iowa Hawkeyes tears are full of salty goodness. We tasted those tears on Black Friday. Nebraska basketball fans saw those tears again on Thursday, and Husker nation had a ton of fun with it.

The Nebraska basketball win was even sweeter because it was quite obvious it took Iowa unawares. It’s not that the Hawkeyes have been dominant this year. But they’ve been a pretty good team. Especially offensively.

Until they shot just 26 percent from the field.

No, it’s pretty clear that Iowa didn’t think they were going to have this kind of night against the Nebraska basketball team.

There was plenty of hype about what they would do against the Cornhuskers. Once things went wrong, things went very wrong. And the Hawkeyes didn’t take it well.

The Nebraska basketball team had a big win. Its season is far from over. Things can still turn bad quick. But on Thursday, they put a notch on their belt. And now, to finish things off, some Haweyes tears from the man running their program.