Nebraska Cornhuskers news: New staff members, Randy Gregory’s punch, more

Randy Gregory #5 of the Denver Broncos warms up (Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images)
Randy Gregory #5 of the Denver Broncos warms up (Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images) /

The Nebraska Cornhuskers football team got some more staff members and as has been the case most of the way, Matt Rhule has been doing things under the radar. It appears that the new Huskers head coach likes to keep the focus on what he’s doing on the recruiting trail rather than who he is staffing up with. Every so often, a new hire still gets revealed. Such is the case of several support staff hires that recently went down.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers football staff is still short of three full-time assistants, but the guys that are going to help behind the scenes are getting staffed up quickly. Sean Callahan of On3 reports that one of the most interesting support staff hires made recently is General Manager Sean Padden.

Former San Diego head coach Kevin McGarry also just joined the Huskers as a defensive analyst for defensive coordinator Tony White. Finally, there’s a new addition in, Jarrett Wishon, who is the Assistant to the Head Coach. He held the same position with Matt Rhule in Carolina.

Other Nebraska Cornhuskers News

  • It’s been a long season for the Denver Broncos and it has been a long season for former Nebraska football star Randy Gregory. It turns out that frustrations boiled over for a couple of Broncos players, including the ex-Husker. As his squad and the Los Angeles Rams were shaking hands after the Rams’ blowout win, Gregory threw a punch at a Rams player. Afterwards, he admitted he did so. And that likely means a suspension or fine is coming his way. “Y’all want to know if I hit him in the mouth, I did,” Gregory said, via the Denver Post.
  • While this news isn’t going to have newspapers selling out, Monday was Demornay Pierson-El’s birthday. The man was basically the last returner the Nebraska Cornhuskers had that really put the fear of God into opposing special teams.

College Sports News

  • The Nebraska Cornhuskers aren’t the only Big Ten West team that got themselves a shiny new quarterback through the transfer portal. On Monday, the Purdue Boilermakers scored the commitment of former Texas Longhorn QB, Hudson Card. Interestingly enough, the Huskers got Casey Thompson because he lost the starting job to Card. Now Card is out of Austin as well.
  • It’s officially the time of year for giving and Indiana Hoosiers’ guard Anthony Leal sure did that. He went and used his NIL money to pay off all of his sister’s student loans for Christmas. Check out this video and don’t mind me, I’m just busy cutting up onions.