Nebraska Football: Scott Frost makes massive Arizona investment

Former Nebraska football head coach Scott Frost (Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports)
Former Nebraska football head coach Scott Frost (Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports) /

Remember all those rumors that former Nebraska football head coach Scott Frost was a candidate for the Arizona State job? It turns out there was a reason why they got started in the first place. Just not for the reason Huskers fans thought.

Scott Frost apparently really is very interested in living in Arizona. The former Nebraska football head coach just didn’t care whether or not he had a new job lined up to move there.

According to, Frost just laid out a serious chunk of change to buy what can only be described as a mansion in Phoenix. The purchase was one that was notable because of the amount of money being spent on properties in the area.

Frost reportedly spent $5.4 million on he and his wife’s new house, but they’re apparently getting quite a bit of bang for their buck. According to the listing, the house has five bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms.

The former Nebraska football coach’s new house also has a media room, an exercise room, and a massive closet in the primary suite and a butler’s pantry. Please keep in mind the mention of the massive closet was part of the listing and not something I specifically wanted to draw attention to in this article.

You may now make your jokes about why that was a selling point.

Past Nebraska Football Moves On … Literally

That he bought a house in prime golfing territory is also likely going to start an avalanche of jokes as well. There were quite a few stories about the ex-Nebraska football coach after he was fired about how he preferred to go golfing than work on improving his team towards the end of his tenure.

I do have to wonder if this move might belie some real issues that began the end of the Scott Frost era in Lincoln. Is it possible he just never really wanted to come back? There was certainly talk that he had second thoughts when Bill Moos offered the job back in the day. That he moved out of the state and bought a house in Arizona without a new job on his plate indicates he’d rather not be here if he doesn’t have to.

That’s not a strike against the ex-Nebraska football head coach. There are plenty of people who would rather live anywhere than in this state. But could that have always been in the back of his mind? At this point, it’s moot but something interesting to ponder.