Nebraska Football recruiting: Rahmir Stewart commit sets social media on fire

Nebraska football fans sing(Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports)
Nebraska football fans sing(Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports) /

It’s been a very big day for Nebraska football recruiting. In fact, if you consider the Tristan Alvano commit on Friday, it’s already been one heck of a weekend and there’s still another day to go.

On Saturday, Matt Rhule and company landed not one, not two, but three commits by players that will go towards the Nebraska football recruiting allotment for the 2023 class. Saturday afternoon started with the announcement that Omaha Westside receiver Jaylen Lloyd was pulling the trigger for the Huskers. He was followed shortly after that by Florida transfer safety Corey Collier. And then on Saturday night, Rhule and company landed Pennsylvania safety prospect Rahmir Stewart.

What makes all three commits noteworthy is that the new Husker head coach very specifically targeted them. This wasn’t a situation where Rhule was trying to come in and shore up a player that was a target of the previous staff (though he’s also trying that). All three are guys that Rhule and his new staff pinpointed as players they wanted and then went out and got them.

It was a big day for the new staff who have been working their butts off since they came to Lincoln in the recruiting department. And when Stewart pulled the trigger, the coaches’ celebrations, as well as fans joining in, set social media on fire.

Nebraska football recruiting is indeed on quite the roll and that’s especially impressive when you take into account that the staff is still technically operating a few guys short of a full boat. With National Signing Day just a few days away now, expect Husker social media to get a bit crazy in the very near future.

Rahmir Stewart is the kind of prospect that can help start a chain reaction as well, considering he’s already talked about how he wants to help bring some future teammates into the fold including none other than Malachi Coleman.