Nebraska Football: Kansas sweetening the pot for Lance Leipold

Kansas coach Lance Leipold talks with staff during practice Tuesday morning in Lawrence.
Kansas coach Lance Leipold talks with staff during practice Tuesday morning in Lawrence. /

If the Nebraska football team wants to hire Lance Leipold as the next permanent head coach, it appears that the school is going to have to work a little bit harder. On the other hand, that might actually be a good sign, should you be someone hoping the Kansas coach will make the jump to Lincoln.

A new report from someone who claims to be a Kansas tipster named Mike Vernon has laid out what he says is where things are with Lance Leipold and the Jayhawks. Among the little tips he gave is that the head coach, who has his team bowl eligible for the first time in over a decade, hasn’t signed a new contract or extension, despite an offer being on the table for quite a while.

That offer has been on the table for so long, that Kansas has now come back and tried to sweeten the pot. Negotiations are now ongoing as far as this new offer is involved. Those who are said to be close to the situation say that the new offer shows that Kansas is trying to do everything it can to lock down Leipold and keep him away from Nebraska football and others.

The fact that Leipold hasn’t actually signed a new deal could be good news for those who want him to helm the Huskers. It doesn’t feel like he’d be holding off on signing an extension with the Jayhawks unless another school interested him.

It’s also worth noting that according to Vernon, Huskers AD Trev Alberts has everyone off-kilter. Basically, no one knows what he’s doing or who he might hire. It’s not entirely clear if he’s come calling or talked to Leipold about the Nebraska football job.

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Vernon said there are plenty around Kansas that believe he would take the job with the Cornhuskers if it was offered, though the new contract offers could help keep him in Lawrence if everything goes right.